Provided to Dolly Through LifeLink

87 year old Dolly lives alone in a second floor walk-up condo. She is very independent, but after having a knee replacement, and a recent development and diagnosis of fibromyalgia, her three children worried about her safety.

Her two daughters live almost 30 minutes, and her son, over 3 hours away. They all want to allow their mother to live as independently as she wants to for as long as she is able and capable of. About ten years ago, her son signed her up for a medical alert system. Feeling she didn’t need it, Dolly never wore the unit, so after one year, they discontinued the service. 

A couple of years ago, after Dolly’s knee replacement, she realized her mobility was compromised. She purchased a chair lift system to safely take her from her ground-level garage to her condo, but her front door was still a separate long flight of stairs up and down. Her son, who lives in Newaygo County, learned of TrueNorth’s LifeLink system which can be worn and used anywhere, even while traveling. Dolly agreed the time had come to be diligent about using the system.

“What I love about it is I can wear the pendant anywhere I go, and I know help is only one push of a button away,” said Dolly. “I can still go to the grocery store or church or the hair stylist… it doesn’t interfere with anything I need to do. Then, when I’m in my home, I switch to the lighter unit – I always have one or the other on.”

Her children feel a much greater peace of mind knowing their mother has help always readily available in case of an emergency. Dolly’s unit even has “fall detection” on, so if she falls and is unable to push the button, the system will still activate.