About Us

At TrueNorth Community Services, we believe that everyone in our communities deserves to have the resources, opportunities and guidance they need to live and thrive. We stand ready to help our neighbors navigate the path to resilience so that together, we can build and sustain strong communities. TrueNorth Community Services is an independent, nonprofit human services organization. We provide over 80 programs and services across Michigan that offer support for individuals to improve their lives and the lives of those around them. Through our programs and services, we help ensure youth thrive, build vibrant communities, create paths to self-sufficiency and meet essential needs. We meet our community where their needs are by combining high-level advocacy with real-world support. TrueNorth strives to create opportunities for our neighbors to receive help, learn, connect and volunteer to ultimately strengthen Michigan communities.

Ensuring Youth Thrive

Every child in our community needs support and encouragement. This is why we are dedicated to meeting our children's needs and providing them with opportunities to thrive. Through youth leadership development, family engagement, enhanced social and educational outcomes and support of positive developmental assets, we empower our youth to reach their full potential.

Building Vibrant Communities

Building and sustaining vibrant communities is integral to the health, safety and happiness of our fellow neighbors. We provide enriching opportunities that foster connections, promote creativity, encourage service and advance education. Our programs and services make a collective impact as we respond to our neighbors' needs. Having spaces for individuals to grow and prosper ultimately creates stronger, close-knit communities.

Creating Paths to Self-Sufficiency

Becoming self-sufficient can seem impossible for many individuals in our communities. We offer guidance, support and resources to reduce hopelessness while also showing paths toward independence. These programs and efforts give ever member of the communities we serve a better chance to enhance their life. We strive to build stronger, more resilient communities so that everyone can thrive.

Meeting Essential Needs

Many members in our community face difficult situations they can't control. At TrueNorth Community Services, we meet our neighbors' needs where they are. Whether it be through advocay, providing heat and energy assitance or homeless and hunger prevention, we provide comprehensive solutions to help those in need. By meeting the essential needs of our communities, we are sustaining our neighbors so they can have a brighter future.

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