A Mentor’s Impact

“Amazing,” that’s the word fifteen-year-old mentee Kyrin used to describe her relationship with her mentor Kathy. Being matched for over a year now, both have grown as individuals and in their friendship.

Kyrin and Kathy are an active match. They both enjoy spending time outdoors and having new experiences together. One of Kyrin’s most memorable moments with Kathy so far was going kayaking together for the first time. While Kyrin likely would not have done this on her own, she felt safe doing that” with Kathy even though “it’s out of [her] comfort zone.”

Not only has Kathy helped Kyrin feel comfortable trying new things, but Kyrin has also done the same for Kathy. Kyrin enjoys hobby horsing and even makes her horses herself. Sharing her hobby with Kathy has made her more confident in expressing herself and her interests. Kyrin has also introduced Kathy to real horses at her grandparents’ home, something Kathy would have never done without Kyrin.

“What I’ve enjoyed most is seeing life through Kyrin’s eyes,” says Kathy. “Not only have we mentored each other but we have also established a friendship.” Kathy and Kyrin have built a solid foundation of trust in their relationship. Kyrin is very honest and feels comfortable sharing her feelings with Kathy. Having this safe space with Kathy has increased Kyrin’s confidence overall.

Kathy loves having those moments when she and Kyrin can talk freely together. Whether they are hiking, hobby horsing or doing anything else together, the mutual trust they have has allowed both of them to grow. Kyrin knows that she can come to Kathy with anything, and she’ll be happy to listen.

“It’s made me feel a lot better because being like a teenager, you feel like you have no one to talk to,” says Kyrin about spending time with Kathy. “You feel like you’re always on your own, like no one’s ever there for you. It’s nice to actually have someone that’s like ‘yeah let’s go hang out.’”

Having Kathy to talk to and spend time with has positively impacted Kyrin’s life. Both Kathy and Kyrin are looking forward to continuing their relationship and being able to grow older together.

January is National Mentoring Month, highlighting the importance of youth like Kyrin being connected to dependable role models like Kathy. 

You can be a role model for area youth just like Kyrin. Find out more about mentoring by contacting Serena Lafferty at slafferty@truenorthservices.org.