A Long History of Utility Assistance

emPower kicked off their 2023-2024 program year October 1st thanks to a $11.2 million grant from the Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC) awarded for the Michigan Energy Assistance Program (MEAP) to ensure the most vulnerable in the state stay warm and safe. This program has a long history with TrueNorth, as some form of utility assistance and self-sufficiency services have been offered since our inception in 1972. We began the Northwest Michigan Rural Partnership in 2004 as the lead agency in delivering heat and energy assistance to rural counties in Michigan, and expanded to a 34-county service area with the birth of our emPower Division in 2012. We expanded our service area to 64 counties in 2014, and went state-wide, serving all 83 beginning in 2016.

“Our emPower Division with its myriad services, provides a wide-range of support for Michigan’s low-income populations,” said Marissa Boerman, our new emPower Division Director. “Everything from one-time financial assistance for families who have gotten behind on their utility payments, to working with our utility companies to set people up with Affordable Payment Plans, and a broad spectrum of self-sufficiency services, including our Complex-Care services which we began in 2017.”

This long history, our innovative programming and top-notch staff have made us a recognized leader in our field, and the model for service delivery, particularly in rural counties, which encompasses most of Michigan. With cost-of-living increases continuing to skyrocket, the services and assistance our emPower Division offer are needed now, more than ever. We continue to see record numbers of Michigan residents reaching out for help, and our emPower staff of nearly 100, spread out over the entire state, stand ready to help. Visit our website for more information at helpforheat.com.