Gifts of the Season

“We were in the worst situation possible and she was there for us,” says Anne about her caseworker at TrueNorth Community Services. “She gave us that direction and brought us to a step by step path… she brought us peace.”

Anne didn’t have anyone. But when she came to TrueNorth, she received the guidance and resources her family needed to live healthy, sustainable lives. Thousands of individuals like Anne have received a hand up when they needed it most because of kindhearted supporters like you. This holiday season, you can help people just like Anne by choosing caring gifts from TrueNorth’s Inspiring Hope Giving Catalog.

As you page through this giving catalog you will see the stories and needs of real people in our community and how through your support, they have already launched their success stories. Not only will you see the journeys of our neighbors, but you will also be able to select meaningful gifts in honor of your loved ones. Choosing a gift from this catalog will show them you truly care by letting them know they have inspired this heartfelt gift.

You can also commit to making a monthly gift on behalf of yourself or your loved ones to inspire hope in even more people. You can nurture positive relationships, eliminate isolation over coffee, provide safety and security for the most vulnerable, supply heat and energy for a household and so much more. Spread the hope and joy of this season when you make two caring gifts at once–one to your loved one and the other to the people whose lives you’re impacting. These gifts won’t disappear after the card is opened. You and your loved ones can be assured that these gifts will last a lifetime as your generosity launches more success stories.

“This is a place to go if you ever need help and if you don’t have anyone. This place will help you get on your feet,” says Anne about her time with TrueNorth. You can inspire hope in our neighbors just like Anne and bring peace to those who feel alone in their struggles. Your loved ones will also feel appreciated when they receive an honor card from you showing how they inspired you to go above and beyond for our neighbors.

You can select these life-changing gifts at our website,, by clicking on the DONATE NOW button.  To get a copy of the catalog mailed to you, please call Mark Kraus at (231) 355-9484. Give the most meaningful gifts of the season and be confident you are bringing peace and joy to your loved ones and our neighbors in need.