Rita gives back through TrueNorth membership

“To me, giving back looks like recognizing I’ve been blessed. We’ve all been blessed. You don’t have to have tons of money. You need a space in your heart that truly knows the little bit I can do, I can do and I will do,” says former board member and long-time TrueNorth supporter Rita VanBoven.

Rita has been giving back through TrueNorth Community Services since 2005. She then joined the board and became a member in 2007. Although she retired from the board last year, Rita is still supporting TrueNorth through membership. Why? Because, Rita says; “When you hear people say, ‘we have been given so much by TrueNorth and we want to give back,’ that says it all. And I’ve heard that multiple times in the community and it’s good to know that we’re helping those to help themselves.”

From starting the sock drive for the Children’s Christmas Programs to organizing a mud volleyball fundraiser, Rita has a heart for serving those in need. She has been a part of the Fremont community for over 60 years and continues to use her passion for her neighbors to give back through TrueNorth.

During Rita’s time on the board, she saw the problems that faced Newaygo County and Western Michigan. Working together with the rest of the board along with staff and volunteers, steps were taken to help the majority of the community such as those facing hunger or homelessness. These issues and many others still face our community today. However, with the caring support of those at TrueNorth and the community, positive change can be made as Rita saw throughout her time on the board.

Rita has seen the organization grow tremendously in the amount of services offered and people helped over her years spent at TrueNorth. From focusing solely on Newaygo County to now offering services across Michigan, TrueNorth’s reach has expanded to assist more and more people.

Looking to the future, Rita still plans on supporting TrueNorth through her gifts and volunteering. She encourages anyone considering supporting TrueNorth through membership to help as much as they can.  She says, “I’ve been around there for a long time and I would never ask of you anything that I wouldn’t do myself. And I would not think for a minute that you can’t make a difference yourself. So the help is needed there. You can provide help.”

Giving back does not always mean giving a large donation–what matters is caring for and helping our community. Whatever time or gifts you can offer creates a long-lasting impact in the lives of our neighbors. Becoming a member at TrueNorth Community Services solidifies your dedication to the people we serve as Rita and many other members involved at TrueNorth recognize with their continual support.

By supporting TrueNorth through membership, like Rita, you are investing in your community. Together, we can ensure youth thrive, build vibrant communities, create paths to self-sufficiency and meet the essential needs of our neighbors.

“Compassion, caring and people that know how to find a way to make a difference–that to me is TrueNorth,” says Rita. Join Rita and become a member to continue her legacy of compassion, trust and support as we work together to build and maintain a stronger community.

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