Season kicks off with seed distribution

Fresh produce is a vital component of a healthy diet, yet those experiencing food insecurity rarely have the opportunity to enjoy it. This is why we hold our annual Plant-a-Row for Hunger campaign.  This year we need your support more than ever. During the pandemic we saw a 110% increase in request for food assistance, we are now experiencing an additional 40% increase in assistance.

Anyone who has ever had a garden knows you often end up with much more produce than you and your family could ever consume. We ask local growers to remember the good gardener’s tradition of sharing your bounty with those in need. We also suggest taking it one step further by deliberately planting an extra row for the express purpose of donating the produce come harvest time

Every year, the Plant-a-Row for Hunger campaign brings in over 9,000 lbs. of fresh produce to our Food Pantry. This year our goal is to exceed 12,000 lbs of donated fresh produce. Please help us reach that goal.

The seed distribution, which we started a couple of years ago makes it even easier for local growers to participate. Visit TrueNorth March 20th – 24th between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm to select your free five seed packets. We also encourage anyone who might have need of our Food Pantry services to think about planting their own gardens and empowering themselves to grow their own fresh, healthy produce.