Dusti Finds Multiple Supports to Move Her Family Forward

“Being a single mom it’s definitely a lot harder,” says Dusti Tanner. “They were able to help me when I needed it the most…they go above and beyond.” For Dusti, being a part of multiple programs at TrueNorth Community Services has helped her and her family move forward on their paths to self-sufficiency.

Dusti first came to TrueNorth for housing assistance. After her rent became too expensive, she moved in with her parents as she looked to find more affordable housing. Dusti has recently given birth to her second child and is looking forward to finding her family’s new home.

Tools for School has also been a major help to Dusti and her family. Being able to come and receive assistance in multiple areas is both convenient and helpful. Besides the backpacks and school supplies, Dusti was also able to see what community resources are available for her and her family. Her son, Jackson, had a blast picking out his backpack, going in the bounce house and getting his teeth cleaned. Having a positive and encouraging atmosphere helped get Jackson excited about starting first grade this school year.

Dusti also has applied to receive a car seat for her new baby. The car seat she currently has is not the right size for her child. It is essential to have the correct size car seat for children to ensure their safety in case an accident occurs. Having the right kind of car seat will be a major help and relief for Dusti and her family.

Through her entire experience working with TrueNorth Dusti has remained determined. She continues to seek the resources her family needs and uses them to move her and her family forward. Dusti says, “I definitely appreciate it, it helped me more than I even imagined…It makes me feel like I am not necessarily alone.”