Learn About Jerry’s Journey

After a break up that left Jerry homeless, he was referred to TrueNorth for assistance. We were able to temporarily provide housing for him and his daughter in a hotel. While staying there, Jerry struggled to find and secure affordable childcare and almost lost his job. The case manager assigned to him worked with a local landlord and was able to get him into a rental in Oceana County. Once he was housed, he was able to secure childcare, to provide a more stable environment.

Jerry has built a great relationship with his landlord who was willing to move him to a larger unit and has offered him employment as the maintenance person for all of his rentals. Jerry has one more month in the TrueNorth program but is positive he will be able to pay his rent going forward. Jerry and his children are very happy with their new rental and Jerry’s new job, which allows him more time with his children and an optimistic future.