Attendees Enjoy Hot, Delicious Soups!

On Thursday, October 6th and Friday, October 7th, Empty Bowls made a triumphant return to traditional in-house, sit-down events. The Thursday event took place at the TrueNorth Service Center and the Friday event at the Commission on Aging in White Cloud.

Attendees enjoyed a wide variety of soups and bread provided by local establishments including The Blind Squirrel, and Moon Dance Cafe in Fremont, Old Iron Bar & Grill in Grant, Northern Trails Bar & Grill, and Camp Newaygo’s own Ridge Specialties Catering in Newaygo, and The Shack in White Cloud. The conversation was lively, the fellowship friendly, and the soups hot and delicious.

At the Fremont event, people made purchases of bulk food items to stock our pantry and ended up buying enough to stuff 15 shopping carts. At the White Cloud event, they filled another 3 carts for a grand total of 18 carts; beating our goal of 12 carts. In total this brought in $2,331 in donations. Overall, the two events raised $23,453 in support of our Hunger Prevention Programs.