Tools for School Helps Ashley Find Community

“It just helps out,” says Ashley Shields, about TrueNorth’s Tools for School event. “Just to get all the information that’s out there, the resources. There’s a lot more out there than what I anticipated.”

Ashley has participated in TrueNorth Community Services’ Tools for School event for the past two years. Ashley has two daughters, one going into second grade and the other going into third grade. From picking out their backpacks to seeing all the community resources available, coming to Tools for School helps set up Ashley’s family for success this school year and beyond.

Ashley says, “It helps a lot of families that can’t provide, you know, for their children. Because everything’s gone up.” With rising costs, getting these essential items for school helps relieve stress from Ashley and parents just like her. The convenience of having everything in one place from school supplies and community resources to haircuts makes a major difference as Ashley gets her kids ready for the upcoming school year.

Not only does Tools for School provide a number of resources to families just like Ashley’s, but it also fosters feelings of togetherness. Ashley says, “I like how everybody gets together too. It feels good, like safe.” Having families come together for the same purpose of preparing their children for school creates a sense of community. Not only does this help build excitement for the school year, but it also helps families just like Ashley’s feel seen and supported.

Help families just like Ashley’s by giving to Tools for School. Many in our community struggle to get everything their kids need for school due to the rising costs of living, but through your support, you can provide students with the tools they need to succeed both inside and outside the classroom.

You can level the playing field for over 1,000 local children. Your gift will not only supply the physical tools needed for school but will also provide access to resources that will help students and their families flourish. Click here to make a caring gift today and ensure the next generation thrives.