Tools For School Donation

“It just helps out,” says Ashley, a mother of two, about TrueNorth’s Tools for School event. “It helps a lot of families that can’t provide, you know, for their children. Because everything’s gone up.”

Ashley has participated in Tools for School for the past two years. Receiving the needed school supplies and seeing the available community resources has helped prepare Ashley’s family for the school year.

You can help families just like Ashley’s by making a gift to Tools for School. Many in our community cannot afford all of the supplies needed for their children. But through your caring support, you can ensure every student has what they need to succeed.

Through your generosity, you will help us distribute new backpacks filled with school supplies and connect families to even more resources. From backpacks, pencils and haircuts to housing supports, healthy eating initiatives and eye and dental exams, your support will have a life-long impact.

“I like how everybody gets together too. It feels good, like safe,” says Ashley about her experience coming to Tools for School. Gathering together with other families at the event creates a sense of community. Not only will your gift help parents feel connected, but it will also let families know they live in a community that cares.

You can level the playing field for our students and families. Without your support, many will not have the resources to reach their full potential. Your gift means that more children will receive the tools they need to be successful both inside and outside the classroom.

Make a gift and be confident you are helping the next generation flourish. Not only will your support help our students, but it will also have a lasting impact on our families and community. Give today to secure our children’s futures.