New service provider and program coordinator

Leslie took over as our new LifeLink Coordinator in November of 2021, and has already made a large and positive impact on this almost 40-year old program. One of Leslie’s first tasks was securing a new service provider for this much-needed program.

In addition to securing newer, state-of the-art equipment, she revamped the structure of the program as well. In comparing our service to others Leslie said; “I was looking in a magazine yesterday and there was a fee mentioned, which was comparable to ours, but then there was a hundred dollar startup, and subscription fee.” Conversely, our LifeLink service has no installation or startup fees, and there are no long-term contracts. Subscribers can use it for a long as they wish and may cancel at any time without penalty.

Like our old systems, help is only the push of a button away. While typically thought of for the aged, or medically at risk, LifeLink is really for anyone who might need an extra level of security of confidence to be home alone. As Leslie points out, “If you’re recovering from a surgery of some kind… we’ve had some people who need it just for a few months.” Once the button is pushed a call immediately goes out to an operator, and within moments, their voice is heard on the tabletop receiver unit asking if you are all right. If they don’t hear anything or if you say you need help, they will automatically call the first of four contacts you provide, including 911 if you wish.

Learn more by watching this video.