County wide Art Scholarship Contest and Expo is back!

Last year would have been the 48th annual Art Scholarship Contest and Expo; a chance for local 7th – 12th graders from all over Newaygo County to showcase their artwork in our countywide adjudicated scholarship contest. We are excited for the return!

This year 338 students from 11 Newaygo County middle, junior, and senior high schools entered either individual pieces of artwork or portfolios in the 2022 TrueNorth Art Scholarship Contest/Exhibit, with honors recognition handed out in the Awards Presentation on May 2nd. About 300 people saw the exhibit, on display from May 1st to 4th at the TrueNorth Service Center in Fremont.
The top 16 student artists with portfolios received a $100 Scholarship Award, which can be used to purchase art supplies, attend art classes, or go towards tuition for a fine arts camp or class experience. In addition, ribbons were awarded for five Director’s Choice honorees, 20 Senior Honors, 29 Outstanding Recognition for High School, and 20 Outstanding Recognition for Middle School. The top Director’s Choice honoree has the option to sell their piece to TrueNorth for permanent display in the agency’s art collection.

The 2022 TrueNorth Scholarship Contest/Exhibit honorees included:
Scholarship Awards — Fremont Christian Middle School: Eli Bemet and Natalee Tyink; Fremont Middle School: Ruby Isenhart and Katelynn Pastotnik; Hesperia Middle School: Lesly Coronado; Newaygo Middle School: Brayden Carlson; White Cloud Middle School: Charlotte Karnes; Fremont High School: Kendall Barnhart, Kaiya Flores and Chloe Paulsen; Grant High School: Danica Gee, Hope Olson and Cyanne Schuitema; Hesperia High School: Jenna Brown; Newaygo High School: Annabelle Furnace; and White Cloud High School: Haley Deaton.
Director’s Choice — Eli Bement, Fremont Christian Middle School; Carlee Emelander, Newaygo High School; Avery Geisen, Grant High School; Ruby Isenhart, Fremont Middle School; and Amelia Witte, Fremont High School.
Senior Recognition — Fremont High School: Alexandra Andree, Zoe Corley, Maya Curtice, Blake Hanshue, Ngoc Ngyen, Amandine Perret and Sara Siarek; Grant High School: Kyle Brege, Veronica Coronado, Randi Force, Avery Geisen, Sydney Higgins, Chris Sotelo, Cristal Vargas-Castillo, and Raven Wirts; Hesperia High School: Jessica Cupps, and Katie Lotz; Newaygo High School: Daisy Belanger and Savanna VanderMeulen; and White Cloud High School: Courtney LaClair.
High School Outstanding Recognition — Fremont High School: Zoe Corley, Jake Dykman, Kenzie Hable, Elvira Maier, Edith Miel, Rileigh Patton, and Amanda Rowe; Grant High School: Ceredwyn Bonczyk, Skylar Carlisle, Samantha Clouser, Nolana Davis, Jayci Hance, Irene Labrador, Yadira Lara, Caydence Smith and Megan Wolverton; Hesperia High School: Sam Bieri, Aubree Druso, Emerald Everding, Kelly Huston, Ellie Lotz and Triniti Tanner; Newaygo High School: Claudia Louzao Gonzalez, McCaiden Reinstra, and Taylor Scytko; and White Cloud High School: Aleyiah Desnoyers, Jayla Perrin, Alexandria Rodriguez and Benjamin Vining.
Middle School Outstanding Recognition — Fremont Christian Middle School: Beau Brookhouse, Cohl DeKryger, Tyler Dunning, Noah Hansen, Breckin Kooistra, Ava Krohn, Emma Nelson, Anna Norris and Megan Storms; Fremont Middle School: Rylee Myers, and Kendra Postema; Grant Middle School: Case Cronk, and Alyssa Simon; Hesperia Middle School: Natalie Garvey, Randy Hovey and Jolie Kraus; and Newaygo Middle School: Elliot Davis, Jarely Hernandez-Alvarez, Tristan Jordan and Mavis Mull.

A video featuring a random selection of student artwork from the TrueNorth Art Scholarship Contest/Exhibit is posted on TrueNorth’s YouTube page here.