Keeping Families Warm This Winter & Beyond

As the weather turns colder, many children and adults in our community will not have the protection they need to stay safe and warm. Warm coats, hats and gloves are critical to the health of our families during the cold Michigan winters.

To help our neighbors, TrueNorth held its annual Coats for Kids (& Adults) coat and winter gear distribution. Compassionate supporters like you have already been giving generously to meet our community’s needs. Last week, we distributed 629 coats at the event, an increase of 130 over last year’s distribution, and will work with area schools and other organizations to distribute another 300 coats to keep our families secure this winter.

But our neighbors still need your help.

We do not receive many kid’s coats donations due to the wear and tear they usually incur. Because of this, we purchase many of these coats to continue to provide protection to the kids in our community. Cash donations are needed to fill this gap.

When you give to Coats for Kids (& Adults) today, we will use your gift to purchase coats after the winter season, when coats are on sale to make the most out of your gift. You can keep our children and adults healthy and warm this year and beyond.

We are asking you to make a caring gift to Coats for Kids (& Adults). Through your support, you will be personally offering a hand up to our neighbors in need. Give today and be confident you are ensuring the health and security of our community.