Missy shares her involvement with Hunger Pgms.

Missy (pictured above) is serving as a National Service AmeriCorps member with our Hunger Prevention Programs. She grew up in a local, working-class family. She saw her parents struggle, even though they worked long, hard hours. As Missy put it;“As a parent, no matter what you do in life, your kids can always tell you are struggling. They can hear when you don’t think they are listening, and can see when you don’t think they are looking, and they can always see past your fake smile.”

Missy recalls coming to TrueNorth with her mother (back when we were still called NCCS) because her mom had a bill they couldn’t afford to pay. She remembers a nice woman named Margie (Marge Fraser) helping her mother with the bill and them leaving with two bags of pre-packed groceries from our old Food Pantry closet.

“I helped my mother carry them out; looking up at a real smile instead of the fake one she gave me when we entered.”

Later, as a teen Missy volunteered with our Food Depot program. She recalls working with Program Director, Becky Beets (pictured above on the right) and being moved by the compassion, love and acceptance Becky showed for everyone she helped.

Missy says her perspective as an adult is much different. In the relatively short time she has been here, she has had the chance to see the impact made on the people we serve.

“I have seen a homeless man go from sleeping in his vehicle to having a place he and his daughter could take a hot bath and a bed to sleep in. I saw the impact of the PowerPacks we create and deliver to schoolchildren so they have food on the weekend. My son came home and told me his friend whose family was struggling and had no food made an entire meal with his PowerPack. I have learned firsthand what the volunteers mean to the organization. I have had a chance to see first-hand what it’s like to make an impact on the community through the power of compassion, generosity, love, and acceptance.”