Join the Fight Against Hunger

For Ethel Sluiter, having the resources from TrueNorth Community Services’ food pantry has helped her and her husband make ends meet. Both have retired and are unable to work, and because of this, they are living on a fixed income making it challenging to get by with the rising cost of living.

Ethel has come to TrueNorth’s food pantry every two weeks for the past five years. Having a reliable place to get food and other necessities like laundry soap and personal care items has helped Ethel and her husband live off of their fixed income.

With rising costs, many seniors like Ethel have struggled to get by. In just the past year, there has been an increase of seniors who have utilized TrueNorth’s Hunger Prevention services. Ethel says these services are a, “Tremendous support for people, especially the senior citizens…for senior citizens, they can’t work. This is a tremendous support for them.”

Living on a fixed income makes unexpected costs difficult to manage. Ethel says that being able to come to TrueNorth’s food pantry gives her peace of mind that if these unexpected costs come, she has access to food and essential items and won’t have to sacrifice her family’s essential needs to get by.

“I’m just thankful for the help that we do get,” says Ethel. With the resources from TrueNorth, Ethel and her husband are able to live healthy, secure lives knowing they have what they need to live and thrive.

You can help individuals and families like Ethel by giving to our Hunger Prevention programs. Your gift will provide those in need with nutritious, healthy food that will give them the sustenance necessary to lead productive lives. Without your compassionate support, many in our community would go hungry.

You can also join the fight against hunger by attending Empty Bowls. Supporters come to Empty Bowls for a simple lunch of soup and bread and take home a hand-decorated bowl as a reminder of all the empty bowls in our community. 

If you can’t attend Empty Bowls, you can still help meet our neighbors needs by making a generous gift.

Make your commitment to decreasing food insecurity in our community by giving today and attending Empty Bowls. Click below to make your caring gift and register for Empty Bowls.

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