Tools for School

For single, working parent Eric Puff, TrueNorth Community Services’ Tools for School program has had a positive impact on his family and in the community overall. Having a one stop shop for school supplies and additional resources not only relieves some of the stress surrounding the start of the school year but also helps area children, like Eric’s son Johnny, become excited for the upcoming school year.

“The availability of school supplies when you’re spending all sorts of money on everything else–you know food for lunches, outfits for the first day of school, second day, third day, fourth day, fifth day, all that stuff is amazing,” says Eric. “It’s super convenient, super helpful at just the right time.”

Eric and his son Johnny have been participating in Tools for School for three years. While the format of the program has shifted year to year due to the pandemic, the impact has remained the same. Just having a high-quality backpack that will last the entire school year helps make the school year more manageable. 

Tools for School is also a celebration of the upcoming school year. Eric’s son Johnny lights up every year when he receives his backpack. Eric says receiving his backpack is “definitely a high point” for Johnny as he gets ready to go back to school.

You can help area children like Johnny celebrate the new school year by giving to Tools for School. Your gift will level the playing field for all of our students by giving them everything they need to succeed. Giving to Tools for School means that you are investing in the next generation and their well-being. You are not only providing school supplies and resources but you are also encouraging area students to grow as individuals. 

Tools for School is “one of many programs that TrueNorth has that has an astounding impact,” says Eric. Join Eric and our community’s celebration of the school year by giving today to ensure our children thrive this school year and beyond.