Being Neighborly with Coffee Connections

Coffee Connections, a new initiative of Community Connections, has been taking being neighborly to the next level. For many seniors in our community, it can be challenging to find opportunities to interact with others and spend time outside of their homes. To help those experiencing social isolation, Coffee Connections was created to be a welcoming place for individuals to gather and enjoy time together, right from their homes.

TrueNorth has visited three locations, multiple times, bringing coffee and other beverages, chairs, and a welcoming atmosphere. Having been run since June, dozens of seniors have begun to form and strengthen new friendships.

Coming right to individuals’ apartment buildings decreases a lot of barriers for seniors. Many have difficulties getting out on their own, and without activities and other social events happening in their building, there would be no avenue for them to get to know their neighbors.

Renee, who comes to Coffee Connections and other TrueNorth programs, says, “Before the pandemic we used to do all kinds of things, but now, we’ve all gotten used to being alone.”  Now, they can come out to their building’s front lawn for welcoming conversations and interactions.

Just having the groups get together has helped spark a more friendly, inviting atmosphere at these buildings. People walking by get curious when they see the groups meeting and are invited to join. Regulars hand out extra flyers to other residents and encourage them to come. 

The conversations vary greatly, but one aspect remains the same; each person is welcomed and encouraged to be involved. From just talking about life and learning about community events and resources, to showing the group their latest sewing project, there is space for everyone to feel more connected.

Both Coffee Connections groups continue to grow and are excited to welcome more and more people. To learn more about Coffee Connections and other Community Connections’ initiatives, email Jackie Knight at