emPower works with you to afford your heat and energy needs while you strive to become self-sufficient.


emPower works with the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services to assist with past-due heat and energy bills for the 2020-2021 grant year. emPower is currently referring inquiries on heat and energy assistance to Michigan 2-1-1, which can be reached by calling 211 or visiting; or the Michigan Propane Gas Association at



Heat and Energy Assistance

Since 1972, TrueNorth Community Services has strived to keep people safe during the heating seasons while they work toward the goal of self-sufficiency.

For the 2019-2020 grant year, TrueNorth's emPower helped provide direct-assistance payment for people in 9,505 households. That help went to people in all 83 counties in Michigan. There were more than $9 million payments made to 206 utility and energy companies and providers with emPower. We also enrolled 6,350 households into Consumers Energy's CARE Program, DTE Energy's LSP Program, SEMCO Energy's MAP Program, UPPCO's EASE Program and Great Lakes Energy's Pathways Program; these are all affordable payment plans. 

These are the steps to discover success by gaining emPower’s assistance through our Self-Sufficiency Services:

  1. Complete and be approved for Michigan Department of Health and Human Services’ State Emergency Relief (SER) assistance. Apply through MI Bridges. If you have already applied for an SER since October 1, 2020, please visit emPower's website and complete a self-sufficiency plan. You may also call 231-355-5880. 
  2. Choose TrueNorth Community Services as your referral partner
  3. Get contacted by emPower to start your self-sufficiency journey








emPower focuses on the heat and energy needs of those living in Michigan.

You can get assistance with:

Electricity   •   Natural gas   •   Propane   •   Wood   •   Pellets   •   Fuel oil   •   Coal   •   Other deliverable fuels   •   Existing balances

For a person to receive assistance for their utility bills, they MUST have:

  • Electricity and/or natural gas past due or with a shut-off notice. 

  • Propane or fuel oil level below 25 percent at delivery.

  • Less than 14 days of wood/pellets.

Households and individuals qualify for emPower's help based on MDHHS guidelines and must get State Emergency Relief assistance approval first.

You can request assistance with your electric and one other primary heat source. Once your primary heat source is established, you can only receive assistance with that fuel type throughout the grant year.




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