How We Help

Through programs, ongoing mentorship, and other opportunities for resilience, TrueNorth sows seeds that the entire community will reap the benefits from tomorrow. We encourage self-sufficiency through a variety of assistance efforts that reduce hunger, homelessness, and hopelessness, while also showing a path toward independence. All of our programs and efforts give every member of the communities we serve a better chance to enhance their life, whether it’s learning connecting, volunteering, or benefitting in another way.

What We Do

Encourage Self-Sufficiency

A path toward independence through opportunities to reduce hunger, homelessness, and hopelessness.

Inspire Future Leaders

Through camps, mentorship opportunities, and afterschool programs, our youth programming is providing opportunities for kids to reach their potential and invest in their future.

Make a Difference

We're pulling communities together and helping them push confidently forward. Join the mission.

Together We Thrive

TrueNorth strengthens rural and urban communities and empowers individuals by meeting them wherever their needs are. Our programs help inspire future leaders, encourage self-sufficiency, and create new opportunities. We not only help pull communities together, we help them push confidently forward.

Impact Stories

Stories allow us to learn from others. We have the ability to connect with others and understand the impact their story has had on their life.

Mission in Action

Make A Difference, Get Involved.

Join the work of TrueNorth by giving. We rely on our community – individuals and groups – to fulfill our mission. From mentoring our youth to knitting hats, there’s an opportunity for you to help empower your neighbor and improve your community.

Support The Mission

We work tirelessly addressing rural poverty, ensuring our youth thrive, building vibrant communities, and providing innovative rural nonprofit leadership. But to continue our vital work we need your monetary support, matching gifts, and stocks. Your gift is a powerful investment in hope.