Aiden Grows into His Best Self at TrueBlue Academy

For eleven-year-old Aiden, having the extra support from TrueBlue Academy has had a positive impact on his life. “I feel more confident in myself as a person in general. It’s more easy to go out and talk to people,” says Aiden about his time at the program.

Aiden has grown more confident since coming to TrueBlue Academy. Having the break in the school day where he can talk to other kids and trusted adults has given him the safe space he needs to grow. Aiden was shy when he first came to the program, but now after being in the program for over a year, he is excited to talk to and engage with the other kids.

TrueBlue Academy is a part of TrueNorth’s youth mentoring program, TrueMentors. Aiden is a part of the program that operates in partnership with White Cloud Public School where he attends the program once a week during the school day. The program is run by TrueNorth staff with help from the school’s Resource Officer, Kyle Rasch.

Officer Rasch is in his third year of volunteering with TrueBlue Academy. Being able to build relationships with Aiden and the other kids has been his favorite part of the program. “They don’t look at me like a police officer, they look at me as a friend and somebody they can talk to and come to for advice,” says Officer Rasch. “To hear him [Aiden] actually say how it got him to open up to other kids and made him more confident, like that’s the most rewarding part.”

Knowing that he can come to Officer Rasch at TrueBlue Academy and throughout the school day has given Aiden the extra support he needs to succeed. Not only has Officer Rasch been a positive role model for Aiden, but Aiden sees him as a friend and person to go to when he needs help.

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