Brooklyn Flourishes Through Her Trust in Nancy

“Everything,” says thirteen-year-old Brooklyn when asked what her favorite part of spending time with her mentor, Nancy, was. “I always enjoy spending time with Nancy.” Whether Brooklyn and Nancy are going to a local event or just taking walks together, they both treasure the time they spend together. 

Brooklyn and Nancy have always been open with each other and have only grown more comfortable together over the years. No matter what they do together, they “never lack for things to talk about.” This is possible because of the mutual trust Brooklyn and Nancy have built.

Not only have Brooklyn and Nancy formed a strong relationship, but Brooklyn has also grown in her confidence and communication skills. Nancy says, “I’ve really enjoyed seeing the growth in her, how much she’s matured and just listening to her stories. She’s just very easy to communicate with and seems to trust me with her thoughts and feelings and things that are going on. We’ve built a really close relationship.”

Having Nancy as a positive influence has impacted Brooklyn in a variety of ways. She knows that she can go to Nancy for help and Nancy will always be there for her. Overall, the positive encouragement and stability Nancy has given Brooklyn has allowed her to flourish.

“It’s impacted me a lot because I feel like I’ve kind of came out of my shell more and like I feel like I finally have those communication skills with the people that I kinda lost a little while ago,” says Brooklyn. “And, I know that Nancy loves hanging out with me.”

Throughout her time spent with Nancy, Brooklyn’s perspective has matured as she learns how to handle sensitive situations in her life. This has only been possible because of the trust Brooklyn has in Nancy. Both Nancy and Brooklyn are excited to continue in their relationships as they continue to support each other. 

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