The Toth’s 12 Years of Donations to CCP

Tom and Donna Toth have been generous donors to our Children’s Christmas Programs (CCP) for the past 12 years, although it might not be in what most people consider the traditional way. The Toth’s have been harvesting trees from their property, processing the lumber, allowing for it to dry for over a year, and then smoothing, cutting and notching the timbers into amazing, multi piece, building log toy sets.

Residing on 62 acres, the Toth’s inspiration for building these sets came after they built their own home through the same lumbering process, complete with custom kitchen cabinets. This is no surprise after seeing their amazing log kits. In addition to donating these kits during CCP, the Toth’s also provide building log toy sets to family members and friends, and often take along sets when traveling to give away to kids across North America. What a fun way to spread the love and joy of building!