At Camp Newaygo’s Enchanted Forest

Camp Newaygo’s Enchanted Forest has rapidly become a much-anticipated and popular local event. Each spring, local artists create fantastical fairy houses and/or gnome homes, which are “hidden” throughout the beautiful grounds of Camp Newaygo for attendees to find. This year, over 20 artists created almost 40 houses.

Michigan weather in April can be iffy, but on Saturday, April 23rd we were treated to the first really nice, warm sunny day of Spring, and crowds poured into Camp Newaygo. Even though Sunday the 24th was a bit colder and a bit rainy, many people still showed up with raincoats and umbrellas. In all, over 200 community members joined us to explore the winding trails of Camp Newaygo and discover all of the amazing little houses created by local artists specifically for our tiny visitors!

This year, the Enchanted Forest was a part of Camp Newaygo’s 50 Outdoor Moments to celebrate TrueNorth Community Services’ 50th Anniversary. All Fairy and Gnome homes are now for sale at Camp Newaygo, TrueNorth Community Services, Newaygo County Council for the Arts, and Tamarac. All proceeds will benefit Camp Newaygo programs. Contact Camp Newaygo at (231) 652-1184 if you are interested in purchasing a house for local pickup.