Children's Christmas Programs Donation

Susan was not looking forward to the Christmas season. She had recently lost her job and was struggling to find a flexible job where she could still take care of her daughter Allie. Susan worried about the effect this stressful time was having on Allie and wanted to provide a sense of normalcy for her during the holiday season.

Because of caring supporters like you, Susan participated in TrueNorth’s Children’s Christmas Programs, bringing stability and hope to her family. You can give the gifts of joy and peace to children just like Allie.

Your generous gift to TrueNorth’s Children’s Christmas Programs will give parents like Susan the opportunity to choose gifts for their children. Children will receive a game, toy, art supplies, a hat and gloves, socks, a book and other gifts to open this Christmas.

You can lighten the hearts of thousands of children this Christmas. Make a kindhearted gift today and be confident you are inspiring hope in our children and families this season and beyond.