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Having TrueNorth, that’s what kept me going,” says housing participant Julie. “Like I know if I just do this and if I just do that…I have this and I can use it, and if I use it properly, I’ll get there.”

Julie is a survivor of domestic violence, and in her recovery, came to TrueNorth Community Services for assistance in getting her own place where she could safely live on her own. Julie worked hard everyday to get where she is today, safely housed in her own apartment and looking forward to her future.

Leaving her abuser was extremely difficult, especially because Julie did not know where she was going to go once she walked out the door. She says, “That’s really scary, because you’re like, where do I go? And then you really, really realize there’s nowhere to go…But I just told myself that I want to live, and whatever it takes, I want to live.”

Through this difficult journey, Julie remained determined to find a safe place to call home. Julie first went to a domestic violence shelter when she left her abuser. When her time at the shelter ended, she stayed in her vehicle and with a friend who lived in an unsafe environment. Everyday she told herself that the next day would be the day she found her home. And if not that day, then she would find it the next day–until she was housed six months later.

“I definitely learned so many lessons. Walking out that door gave me pride. Not turning back gave me pride…If it wasn’t for you guys I wouldn’t be here. I’d be right in that house. Locked in a room. Wishing my situation was different,” says Julie.

Julie’s strength, determination and support from her family helped her move into a safer situation all around. Walking out that door helped Julie regain her family who were so proud to see her keep fighting for herself.

While Julie finally moved into her own apartment, her housing journey was not done yet. Julie was wrongfully evicted, with no notice or written reason, from her apartment after being there for two months. She had one month to find a new place to live even though there was no lawful reason for her to have to leave.

Thankfully, all of Julie’s hard work paid off, and she found another apartment. Before she got into her first apartment, she had submitted 24 applications to different places in her county. After she received the eviction notice, she heard back from a different apartment that they had a place for her.

Because TrueNorth had helped Julie with her deposit and first three months rent for her first apartment, Julie had started saving money in case of an emergency. With her planning, help from her family and her new apartment’s deposit from TrueNorth, Julie had everything she needed to move.

Now, Julie is settled in her new home and in an even better situation than before. Looking to the future, she says, “I definitely see myself happier, better off, and I definitely want to help some other people see that it is possible, no matter what happens in your journey.”

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