Community Support

Long-standing community support is often built on positive relationships and
trust. In TrueNorth’s 50 historic years, relationship building has always been a top
priority for TrueNorth leadership, staff, and Board of Directors. It is something we
strive to do everyday. With innovative approaches to serving the community, we
are constantly assessing how new initiatives, programs, and services can truly
impact the lives of the families we serve. The community has come alongside us
in this work, supporting our programs and services through generous financial
and in-kind gifts, and thousands of volunteer hours.

We are honored to have served the community for the past 50 years. It’s humbling to hear TrueNorth is “the first place people go [for help]” and “TrueNorth has been a life saver for thousands of families”. It’s only through the trust we’ve built with our participants, our partners, our volunteers, and within our communities that we are able to do the work we do.

This strong relationship with the community allows TrueNorth to live out our
mission. In addition to Relationships, Integrity and Excellence are core values
of the organization. Our supporters place trust in us to be good stewards of
their donations and time. Based on our proven track record of success, impact,
and fiscal responsibility, we have been provided with many opportunities for
expansion and growth.