Give Where The Need Is Greatest

Across Michigan, there are thousands of individuals looking to enhance their lives through learning, connecting, volunteering, or benefitting in another way. Giving where the need is greatest means you are helping provide opportunities and resources that enable our communities to thrive.

Compassionate supporters like you transform the lives of our neighbors. By giving to our core mission support, you are investing your trust in us and your community. Your gifts provide role models for children, feed the hungry, give opportunities for volunteering, house families, and so much more.

Without your support, none of our programs or services would be possible. Supporters like you give every member of our community the opportunity to enrich their life, as we meet people where their needs are, to bolster hope and resilience.

You and all of our dedicated supporters are the solid foundation in which each program is built. Together, we will ensure youth thrive, build and sustain vibrant communities, create paths to self-sufficiency, and meet the essential needs of our neighbors.

Give where the need is greatest today and know you are positively making a difference in thousands of lives in your community and beyond.