Landen Builds Friendships at TrueBlue Academy and Parks in Focus

Being involved with both TrueBlue Academy and Parks in Focus at TrueNorth Community Services has had a positive impact on Landen’s life. From starting in both programs to today, Landen has grown out of his shell as he’s made new friends in the programs.

Landen first became involved at TrueNorth in the Parks in Focus program. Seeing new places and experiencing nature with kids like him has helped Landen open up. While at first it took Landen some time to become comfortable around others, once he got to know the other kids better, he began to flourish in the program.

Landen did not have any experience with photography before Parks in Focus. But during his time in the program, he grew in his skills and enjoys photography in and outside of the program. 

Not only has Landen learned applicable skills in Parks in Focus, but he has also grown through his time in TrueBlue Academy. Having more opportunities to connect with other students has helped Landen grow as a person and leader.

“You get to learn more about people,” says Landen. “I got to be a lot more social and made a lot more friends.” Overall, Landen has thrived in both programs as he builds friendships and gets out of his comfort zone.

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