Who We Are
TrueNorth Community Services is a private, nonprofit organization supported through individual donations, foundations and grants, and funding from the federal government and the State of Michigan. We provide a variety of programs and services throughout all of Michigan, offering more than 80 comprehensive programs and services that fall within four core areas of focus.




Addressing rural poverty. We strive to alleviate hunger and meet basic needs; provide safe, affordable housing; improve access to resources; and increase independence, education and awareness.

Ensuring youth thrive. Through youth leadership development, family engagement, enhanced social/educational outcomes, and support of positive developmental assets, we enable our youth to reach their full potential.

Building vibrant communities. We encourage citizen involvement through volunteer recruitment and engagement, coordination/collaboration of community-focused activities, introduction of arts and culture to rural audiences, and promotion of citizen advocacy/involvement.

Providing innovative rural nonprofit leadership. Our business model supports the changing nonprofit environment in rural communities by leveraging assets and enhancing stewardship, relationships, research, evaluation, credibility, and quality.

We believe everyone deserves the opportunity to create permanent positive change in their lives and community. As we empower families, it is also important to strengthen community. Providing opportunities for education, economic security, and social capital are crucial to a vibrant community and to preserve independent families as the next generations grow and mature.