Volunteer Management Resources

This is a list of resources for volunteer managers and nonprofit leaders. If you know of a resource that should be added to this page, please contact Caitlin Voyt at 231.652-1184, ext. 105, or cvoyt@campnewaygo.org.

Baby Boomers
50+ Volunteering: Working for Stronger Communities
Keeping Baby Boomers Volunteering
Retaining Boomer Volunteers

Boards of Directors
Avoiding the Pitfalls in Recruiting Board Members  
Why the Board Should Consider Volunteer Issues

Corporate employee volunteering
Pro Bono/In-Kind/Donated Services for Mission-Based Organizations
Volunteerism and its Influence on Employee Engagement

When Volunteers Resist Change

Diversity and Volunteerism: Deriving Advantage from Difference
Equal Access: Universal Design of Your Project

Evaluation/program assessment
Three Types of Volunteer Program Evaluation
Ten Steps to Developing a Volunteer Program Evaluation

Family volunteering
Become a Family That Volunteers: Ten Tips to Start a Habit of Service
Community Service: A Family's Guide to Getting Involved

Impact on Health
Volunteering and Psychological Health

Interviewing and screening
Sample Volunteer Application
The Volunteer Application Form
Volunteer Screening Trends & Best Practices Report

Legal issues
Employee or Volunteer: What's the Difference?
5 Ways to Avoid Legal Problems with Volunteers

Mandated service
Giving Back: Improving Mandated Community Service for Juvenile Offenders

How to Motivate Volunteers
Motivating Volunteers

Benefits of Policies for Volunteer Programs

The Nine Rules for Volunteer Recognition
Why be Boring When You Can Celebrate in So Many Ways?

Recordkeeping and reporting
Advice Regarding Choosing Volunteer Management Software
Measuring Up: Assessment Tools for Volunteer Programs
Volunteer Data Tracking Strategies

Creating a Targeted Recruiting Message
How to Attract More Young People to Volunteer at Your Nonprofit
Successful Strategies for Recruiting, Training and Utilizing Volunteers
Strategies for Recruiting Male Volunteers
Volunteer Recruitment: Strategies for Getting the Volunteers You Need
Volunteer Recruitment Strategies for Your Nonprofit

Resources and associations
The Gates Foundation's Resources for Volunteering
Michigan Nonprofit Association
National Council of Nonprofits
University of Michigan Library's Resources for Michigan Nonprofits

Volunteer Retention Strategies: 7 Tips to Keep Your Volunteers Coming Back
Volunteers, Part 1: What Makes Them Stay?
Volunteers, Part 2: What Makes Them Leave?

Risk management
Risk Management for Your Volunteer Program

Social media
Beth Kanter’s Blog
How to Use Social Media to Recruit, Retain, & Recognize Volunteers

A Few Pointers on the Unpleasant Topic of Firing Volunteers
How and When to Let a Volunteer Go
Strategies for Dealing with Unreliable Volunteers
The Seven Deadly Sins of Directing Volunteers

Training ideas
Orientation and Training of Event Volunteers

Trends and issues
Donors and Volunteers - More Alike Than Different
What Your Volunteers Need to be Happy

Volunteer leaders and management
Developing Volunteer Leaders
Energize's A-Z Volunteer Management Library

Youth in service/service learning
The Separation of Service-learning from Volunteering … and Does It Matter?