Tom & Cody: An Unlikely Match
When Cody’s grandmother suggested he participate in the Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS) program, he was interested, saying, “Yeah… that sounds cool. I might like to try that.”

At the same time, Tom, a recent retiree, was looking for something to fill his time and wanted to do something that mattered. A friend in Atlanta, Georgia—who is also a Big Brother—encouraged him to look into BBBS, and Tom was quickly matched with Cody. At age 60, Tom may not be what you typically imagine as the Big Brother in a BBBS match, but watching him and Cody, age 13, interact, you very quickly realize the age difference matters very little. 

The two share a great love of outdoor activities, with hunting and fishing among their favorites. Their bond is readily evident, good-naturedly teasing each other, just like actual brothers often do. Tom also helps Cody with homework when he’s overloaded and attends Boy Scout meetings with him as well. 

Another highlight for the pair was getting to travel to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula together as part of the BBBS Parks in Focus program which teaches kids about photography.

Big Brothers Big Sisters is just one of a number of youth-focused programs offered through TrueNorth Community Services because we believe that all kids should have hope and safe places to grow into their best self. 

“It’s been rewarding, to say the least,” says Tom. “We’ve had a lot of fun together, and we’ve grown quite a bit,” he continued. “Yeah, and we’ve accomplished a lot,” piped in Cody. 

You can see their wonderful connection for yourself by viewing the video below.