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Following much thought and careful consideration, Newaygo County Community Services (NCCS), a private non-profit agency that has served the Newaygo County community since 1972, has changed its name to TrueNorth Community Services. Though still rooted in Newaygo, the organization has grown significantly due to both an increase in the rural needs of its expanded geographic territory, and in national trends affecting mandatory collaboration among social service organizations. TrueNorth now serves 15 counties in northwest Michigan.


“Our old name (NCCS) was being confused with several other similarly-named organizations in the area, and it was detracting from our ability to serve an ever larger number of people,” said CEO, Bev Cassidy. “NCCS was no longer an accurate reflection of our broader path and direction."

"We are still firmly rooted in Newaygo County, but trends toward regionalization and consolidation of resources have strongly impacted our organization, and our service area now radiates beyond our former boundaries.  As the communities’ crossroads, we believe TrueNorth Community Services accurately reflects the spirit and strength of our organization, while also supporting our mission, eliminating confusion, and offering a hint at our geographic presence," said Development and Communications Senior Officer, Darci David.


Regarding the organization’s new name, Cassidy said, “We help individuals and families find their own personal true north. So while our mission and spirit has not changed, the name TrueNorth is a better reflection of our efforts. Please join us in celebrating a new identity that better expresses our dedication to our core values which include: addressing poverty by providing a lifeline to those in need, ensuring our youth thrive through greater opportunities, fostering vibrant communities and strengthened rural nonprofit leadership. Together, all of these result in a better life for the individuals and families who call our communities home."

Please take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document here, which should address any questions or concerns you may have about the name change.

Thanks to your continued support, we are moving forward as TrueNorth Community Services.  Our path may be wider, but now, as always, our direction is clear.

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