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All cultures on Earth have their own legends of the “little people” who live in the woods. Do you believe? Have you ever stumbled into a clearing, walked upon a shoreline, or found a meadow deep in the woods and simply felt, magic? You may have even stopped dead in your tracks, with your mouth open, and just observed the space, in silence. Maybe you tried to take a picture, but when you got out your camera, you realized the magic couldn’t be captured. Places like these are the realm of the forest spirits known as fairies. And, if you’ve ever seen the popular cartoon, David the Gnome, from the 1990s, you already know that gnomes live at the base of large, elderly, mature, and knowledgeable trees (everyone knows that, right?) Unlike fairies, who prefer open clearings and spaces where worlds meet, such as shorelines and edges, gnomes prefer to spend their time deep within the forest.

You say you don’t believe in fairies or gnomes? Yeah, we don’t either… and yet… people keeping finding these magical little “homes” all throughout the Camp Newaygo property that seem to be just about the right size, and in just about the right locations to be the enchanted dwelling places of either fairies or gnomes. It really does appear that the fairies of Camp Newaygo are awake and ready to enchant the forest this spring.

Come on out to Camp Newaygo on Saturday, April 30, from 3:00 – 6:00 pm, and Sunday, May 1 from 2:00 – 5:00 pm and walk our trails to find hidden homes of the forest sprites that live all around us. Take a turn around our maypole, create your own fairy wand or gnome hat, and enjoy a cup of tea or punch and a fairy cookie in the sunshine. Wands, wings and fairy dresses are more than acceptable… they’re encouraged! Mellema Nursery, Mary Jane’s Flowers, and hanging baskets will be available to make your spring gardens fairy friendly, and ALL of the fairy & gnome homes will be available for purchase in an on-line auction after the event.

The cost is only $5 per person, or $18 per family of four. Call (231) 652-1184 or e-mail for more details or with questions.


Just a few of the artisan fairy and gnome homes that will be at Camp on April 30 and May 1, and available for purchase via on-line auction after those dates.  

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