Volunteer Resource Center of Newaygo County

The Volunteer Resource Center of Newaygo County has its own separate website at www.newaygovolunteer.org.

The website has a database of local volunteer opportunities, nonprofit agencies,and in-kind needs.

The Volunteer Resource Center empowers people to become engaged in their local communities through education, collaboration and leadership. We bring people and organizations together to address community needs. Volunteers connect people to hope and fostering volunteerism is vital to the future of our communities. It may start with a single act of kindness, but it often leads to a lifetime of enriching experiences.

Whether you have a talent for knitting hats and mittens, a passion for organizing a food drive, a desire to mentor a young person, or just want to give back, the Volunteer Resource Center of Newaygo County can help you find a fulfilling volunteer opportunity.

>>Visit our website to find a volunteer opportunity that’s perfect for you!<<

Still not sure where you’d like to lend a hand? For more information on other volunteer opportunities in Newaygo County or if you are a nonprofit organization who would like to utilize the services of the Volunteer Resource Center, please contact Caitlin Voyt, at 231.652.1184


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