Join #TeamTrueNorth!

If you run or walk in events, we're excited to announce that you can make a big impact for TrueNorth! Because what's better than having a great race? Having a great race on behalf of a great cause. Whether you're seasoned marathoner or a casual walker, we hope you'll join us. 

When you join #TeamTrueNorth, you add meaning to your miles by raising funds to fight poverty, ensure youth thrive, and build vibrant communities. You will make a real difference in the lives of the many we serve. 

2016 Fifth Third River Bank Run (#53RBR)

We are honored to be a 2016 charity partner for this well-known event. And, thanks to the event's organizers, it's never been easier to raise money for TrueNorth when you participate in the Saturday, May 14th event.

It’s easy to not only register for a race, but also to create your own individual fundraising page. You will be able to upload a personal photo and share your site via social media tools and email to allow your friends, family, and co-workers a convenient process to make a donation.

Sign Up Today!

1 – Visit and register to run or walk on May 14th.

2 – Choose Become a Fundraiser and select TrueNorth as your charity.

3 – Train, fundraise and run – or walk – #TeamTrueNorth!

Fundraising Tool Kit for You

Training is hard work, so we created a set of tools to help you in your River Bank Run fundraising efforts for TrueNorth. These tools are designed to help you tell your story of why you are running for #TeamTrueNorth. Maybe you have a passion for youth, or fighting hunger and homelessness, or the overall mission of TrueNorth. These tools are created to fit your mission of fundraising. Feel free to use them as provided or customize to fit your message.

You can find those tools here

Already Registered?

Don’t worry if you have already registered. You can still create your own individual fundraising page here.

What about other Runs and Walks? 

Joining #TeamTrueNorth isn't just for the River Bank Run. If you are running or walking in other events you can also make a difference and raise money for TrueNorth. We are working on a set of tools that you can use for any event. Those will be launched very soon, including the ability to create your own individual fundraising page. Keep checking back for updates. We can also contact you when the tools are ready. Just send a message to Mark Kraus at or call him at (231) 924-0641, ext. 161 and he'll let you know when everything is ready to go. 

Thank YOU!

Know that the funds you raise by joining #TeamTrueNorth will help guide families from homelessness to homeowners, assist senior citizens in their ability to stay safe in their homes and so much more. The TrueNorth family of services supports a person where they are in their journey of life, so Thank You for your awesome support!