Coats for Kids (& Adults) 2019

Thanks to everyone in our community who contributed to, volunteered and supported TrueNorth Community Services’ Coats for Kids (& Adults) program this fall.

Because of your generosity and concern, Coats for Kids (& Adults) provided coats directly to 657 children and adults in Newaygo County. Another 500 coats were distributed through schools and other organizations that we partner with. Every participant in Coats for Kids (& Adults) either attends school or resides in Newaygo County. 

The Coats for Kids (& Adults) Distribution was Saturday, November 2, at the TrueNorth Service Center in Fremont. We also held a month-long coats collection drive in October at 12 sites across Newaygo County (see the sites below).

We had more than 80 volunteers helping us out. The groups and organizations lending us a hand included the Fremont and White Cloud Rotary Clubs, Fremont Christian SchoolNestlé Gerber and Randy's House.

The Coats for Kids (& Adults) collection sites included:


  • Daisy Brook Elementary School, 502 N. Division Street
  • Fremont Christian School, 208 Hillcrest Street
  • Green Acres Fremont, 801 E. Main Street
  • Edward Jones — Lou Deleguardia, 46 W. Sheridan Street
  • Karsten Financial Group — Raymond James, 24 E. Main Street
  • Pathfinder Elementary School, 109 W. 44th Street
  • Sandy’s Harley-Davidson, 11940 N. Maple Island Road


  • Grant Primary Center, 103 Elder Avenue


  • Patricia St. Clair Elementary School, 96 S. Division Street


  • Newaygo Elementary School, 29 E. Post Street
  • St. Bartholomew Church, 599 S. Brooks Street

White Cloud

  • White Cloud Elementary School, 585 E. Pine Hill Avenue

For more information or details on Coats for Kids (& Adults), contact Mike Voyt at (231) 924-0641, ext. 119, or




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