Children's Christmas Programs & Toys for Tots


"Christmas is doing a little something extra for someone."
— Charles Schulz


Since 1952, the TrueNorth Community Services' Children’s Christmas Programs & Toys for Tots have given thousands children the gifts of joy, laughter, and hope on Christmas morning.


Applications for TrueNorth Community Services' Children's Christmas Programs & Toys for Tots are available at Newaygo County schools, Michigan Department of Health and Human Services' White Cloud offices, TrueNorth and other locations across Newaygo County. The application deadline ended November 16, and applications may be turned in at Newaygo County schools or TrueNorth by the deadline. Only children living or attending school in Newaygo County are eligible.

Fill out online CCP application here.

Children's Christmas Programs & Toys for Tots applications are available at these locations:


  • Daisy Brook Elementary School, 502 N. Division Avenue, Fremont 
  • Fremont High School, 5421 S. Warner Avenue, Fremont
  • Pathfinder Elementary School, 109 W. 44th Street, Fremont
  • TrueNorth Community Services, 6308 S. Warner Avenue, Fremont


  • Grant Elementary School, 160 E. State Street, Grant
  • Grant High School, 331 E. State Street, Grant
  • Grant Middle School, 96 E. 120th Street, Grant
  • Grant Primary Center, 103 S. Elder Street, Grant


  • Hesperia Middle School, 96 S. Division Street, Hesperia
  • Hesperia High School, 96 S. Division Street, Hesperia
  • Patricia St. Clair Elementary School, 96 S. Division Street, Hesperia


  • Newaygo Elementary School, 29 E. Post Street, Newaygo
  • Newaygo High School, 200 East Street, Newaygo
  • Newaygo Middle School, 850 E. 76th Street, Newaygo

White Cloud

  • FiveCAP Newaygo County, 434 N. Evergreen Drive, White Cloud
  • Michigan Department of Health & Human Services Newaygo County, 1018 E. Newell Street, White Cloud
  • White Cloud Elementary School, 585 E. Pine Hill Avenue, White Cloud
  • White Cloud Junior/Senior High School, 555 E. Wilcox Avenue, White Cloud


The distribution days for Children's Christmas Programs & Toys for Tots are December 7-18, 2020, at the TrueNorth Service Center, 6308 S. Warner Avenue, Fremont, MI 49412.



If you would like to make a cash donation, thank you! We appreciate and value your support.

Financial donations are vital because they allow us to purchase many necessary items. Consider making a financial donation today so children who often do not have enough to eat, warm clothes to wear or a place to call home can have the light of hope in their hearts this Christmas. Your donation will help us give both fun and practical gifts to more than 2,000 local children in need and provide one of the greatest gifts of all: hope.

Click the Donate button atop this page or the donate button below to make a gift through our secure online donation form. To make a gift by check, please make payable to TrueNorth Community Services with Children's Christmas on the memo line and mail to: TrueNorth, P.O. Box 149, Fremont, MI  49412. 



If you do not fall within the guidelines, call 2-1-1 or visit to find out if similar programs are available in your area. 


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