assistance update as of September 18, 2017

ALL HEAT and ENERGY ASSISTANCE (No longer accepting applications for 2016-2017.). 

Solicitud de asistencia (Actualmente no acepta aplicaciones para 2016-2017.).

emPower's Call Center hours are 8 am to 4 pm EDT Monday - Friday (231-355-5880).




Heat and Energy Assistance

For more than 45 years, TrueNorth Community Services has strived to keep residents safe during the heating seasons, while working towards the goal of self-sufficiency. For the 2016-17 grant year, we are assisting all 83 Michigan counties.

TrueNorth's emPower heat and energy program assists low-income clients with paying their past-due utility bills in Michigan. For all available TrueNorth services, please visit our Resource Search page to connect with available resources by clicking here.




emPower focuses on the heat and energy needs of those living in rural Michigan. We can help with:

Electric   •   Natural Gas   •   Propane   •   Wood   •   Pellets   •   Fuel Oil   •   Coal   •   Other Deliverable Fuels   •   Existing Balances

For a person to receive assistance for their utility bills, they MUST have:

  • An electric and/or natural gas past due or shut-off notice, 
  • Propane or fuel oil level below 25% at time of delivery, or
  • Less than 14 days of wood/pellets, and
  • Qualify based on income (see income guideline chart below).

You can request assistance with your electric and one other primary heat source. Once your primary heat source is established, you can only receive assistance with that fuel type throughout the grant year.

If we assist you with propane or fuel oil, you must have 25% or less in your tank at time of delivery. If you receive fuel and are above the 25% at the time of delivery, TrueNorth will not pay for that delivery and the bill will become your responsibility.


Add $520 to the monthly gross for each additional household member



When applying, TrueNorth must receive a complete application.
A complete application includes:



  • Applicant must be 18 years or older, and either a U.S. citizen or legal alien.
  • All pages of application must be filled out completely, signed and dated. 
  • A readable copy of applicant's identification (i.e., driver's license, passport, school ID, government-issued picture ID)
  • Proof of all household income (i.e., pay stubs must be four current weeks in a row for the past 30 days of date of turning in the application. If month has 5 weeks of pay all 5 pay stubs must be sent, or 3 bi-monthly pay stubs), an employer print off, current unemployment, retirement, Veterans Affairs benefits, self employment profit/loss statement, current-year's Social Security award letter (to request proof click here for Social Security website. You will have to create an account if visiting for first time).
  • Readable copy of applicant's Social Security card (must have Social Security numbers for all remaining members of the household). If you need to get another copy of your Social Security card, you can visit their website to request one.
  • Copy of utility bill(s) (No bill required for propane, fuel oil, firewood, wood pellets, or coal unless you have a past due amount).


How to fill out application video and frequently asked questions

How to fill out the application video click here.

You can also visit our frequently asked question page to find an answer to a particular question(s).


Frequently asked questions and how to video:

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How to fill out the application video, click here.

emPower contact information:
TrueNorth Community Services
6308 S Warner Ave - PO Box 149
Fremont, MI 49412

Phone: 231-355-5880 (intérprete español disponible)


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Assistance Tally

For the 2015/2016 Grant Season:
Spent $12,777,412 in 64 counties
Assisted 13,248 Households with 23,610 assists