TrueNorth Family and Support Services advocates for families and individuals by connecting them with the necessary programs, along with other community resources, to meet identified needs which lead to greater self-sufficiency. 

Please note that not all TrueNorth programs are available in each county we serve. To find out if a specific program is available in your county of residence, please visit our Resource Search page to see what services are available to you. A link to Resource Search is provided on the right. If we do not provide a service you need, please call 2-1-1 or visit to locate services in your area. 

Financial literacy, understanding and education are imperative in today’s world. TrueNorth offers several educational initiatives for adults including: one-on-one literacy tutoring, financial literacy classes, and home maintenance education.

Financial literacy classes help individuals develop financial skills and positive banking relationships to be successful homeowners.

Our home maintenance education program provides individuals with information on basic home repairs and upkeep, which in turn brings much relief to already stretched household budgets.

Our senior citizens and medically-at-risk residents can have the peace of mind through two available services - LifeLink and MedReady. We have offered LifeLink for over 30 years to Newaygo County elderly and other area residents who are subject to sudden, life-threatening changes in their medical condition. The program’s purpose has always been to provide an easy-to-use system that allows subscribers to summon professional, medical help in the event of an emergency. A secondary, but no less important, benefit of the program is that it allows elderly, frail, and geographically isolated individuals to live at home with a greater degree of security and independence. The LifeLink unit can also be programmed to alert the subscriber about an upcoming appointment, or that it is time to take medications. MedReady, also for Newaygo County residents, is an automated Medication Dispensing unit designed to help individuals who might forget to take their medications, or who take a large number of medications. The MedReady unit, coupled with the current LifeLink equipment, is another step in giving Newaygo County residents the ability to live securely, and independently at home, rather than be institutionalized due to medical issues.

TrueNorth also provides a Student Loan program which is for Newaygo County residents striving to improve their lives through higher education. The program provides low-interest loans for any accredited college, university or trade school. Loan applicants must explore all other financial aid options before seeking a loan, and all loans require a Newaygo County resident as co-signer.